Forever and a Day: news

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“Forever And A Day” is THE James Bond Fan Film. Set in the original time line of the classic Bond films the fan created film sets out to offer an extremely high quality and slick movie coupled with the old fashioned feel that Bond movies used to offer. “Forever And A Day” promises audiences a great adventure story that you can lose yourself in and forget the real world for a while.
The film is set in the present day but is based around the style of the Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan era of movies. Plenty of action, fast cars, gadgets, one liner’s and of course the all important Bond girls. This film is in pre-production and scheduled for release in December 2017. By no means is this Bond fan film to be grouped with the rest, this movie is very ambitious and will deliver on all promises. This is one for the fans.
The product is being created by Prestige Video Productions and R.A.L Media Group who have previously published completely original films such as “Aftermath” and “Dark Pine Woods”. All can be found on YouTube and IMDB. The cast is ready, with principle photography starting in November 2016. All we need now is for supporters and fans to create a stir. Like and comment on the announcement video to keep up to date with the latest news.
We will keep the synopsis brief for now so not to spoil the project too much. More news will become available as the project progresses.
007 is assigned to investigate Newton Rhames who is the wealthiest man in the world. MI6 have linked Rhames to terrorists who are involved in the mysterious Faraday Project. As Rhames has recently opened the world’s larges power station and is keen to show this achievement off to the press, Bond poses as a journalist to infiltrate the affluent organisation.
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