The BIG US Elections POLL! (voting closes November 7th, 6:00 PM GMT)

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A lot has been said in the general 'The Next American President' Topic. The discussion in there is fierce, emotional and sometimes very tense. Especially since we don't talk face to face to each other. But, even that's what's democracy is about. In this topic however I am curious how forummembers would vote if they had the opportunity to vote in the US Elections.

We tend to discuss a lot without actually stating our voting preferences or ideology preferences, but I do think we could plant some seeds for a bit more mutual respect if we actually understand what candidate or party we would vote for. Understanding one's political views in my opinion could be the basis for a 'let's agree to disagree' approach.

Again, this is just a poll, and I would appreciate it if we continue the fierce discussions in the general thread about the American President:

So here we go, the poll questions! Please be so kind to answer them and post them as if your post was some kind of voting ballot. Let's enjoy and respect our democratic rights. Have fun dear forummembers ;-):

1) WHAT nationality do you have? (open ended question)

2) WHAT ticket and what party would you vote for if the US Elections were held today? (multiple choice)

--> A) The Republican candidates Donald Trump and Mike Pence
--> B) The Libertarian candidates Gary Johnson and William Weld
--> C) The Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine
--> D) The Green Party candidate Jill Stein (VP nominee TBD)
--> E) Another party or candidate. With this option you can 'write in'
--> F) Abstain from voting

Down below you will find information about the parties, the candidates and the issues:

Logo Republican Party / GOP:

Logo Libertarian Party:

Logo Democratic Party:

Logo Green Party:

Logo campaign of Bernie Sanders (democratic socialist, soon registered 'independent'):

Logo's and information other parties and candidates:

Logo Constitution Party (christian paleoconservative):

Logo Reform Party (federalist, 'independent'):

Logo Peace And Freedom Party (far left):

Logo American Independent Party (far right):


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    And to kick off this topic, this is my voting ballot:

    1) WHAT nationality do you have? Dutch

    2) WHAT ticket and what party would you vote for if the US Elections were held today?

    --> C) The Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine
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    Sorry Gustav, this is a Bond forum first and foremost. One thread is enough.
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