Property Of A Lady 1991

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Property Of A Lady:

007 was assigned to investigate the activities causing by a man known from an unknown organization, the man plot was to make a deal for the terrorists to deal weapons for them for the man to be paid, bond stopped the Deal w/c he found some information that the KGB is involve , w/c M assigned 007 to go to russia and interrogate the head of the KGB, the head of the KGB talked and somehow is nothing to do with this but gave 007 additional information about the man's unknown organization w/c the Head of the KGB tells a few names is in one organization, the head of the KGB tells the leader to be called "serpent", 007 hunts down the 2nd man w/c in a casino , 007 enters the casino to stopped the man from winning, 007 stopped him and made the man talk w/c that the man wanted to win the money for the bidding of this very valuable treasure , the man was killed by its own ally for the man not to tell more info about them, 007 fails to stopped the man who killed its own ally, days later a woman claiming herself to be a KGB agent sent to help bond to stop the 3rd man to win this treasure, after the bidding 007 wons the prize w/c manages the man to be enraged and takes the prize himself to finish what he was there for, 007 immediately stop him and reclaiming his prize, now the mission is now complete, 007 and the KGB agent had a night but the unexpected happend , the KGB agent reveal herself that she's not a KGB agent to help 007, but to use 007 to win the prize so she could take it,she reveals that she's "serpent" the leader of the organization, the man who killed the 2nd man appears to help her and successfully gets away with the treasure, 007 has the ID of the woman who betray him and analyzed to know there location, 007 knew the location but somehow the right hand man interrupted 007's mission but somehow 007 managed to kill him and found the right location, 007 goes to germany w/c where "serpent" was, 007 was caught and captured, "serpent" revealed the name of the organization was "SPECTRE" and revealed her plot and plan for the treasure, they'll use the treasure to find the lost nazi treasure w/c they'll use to sell for the military for weapons to sell for the terrorist group, 007 managed to stop this from happening and killed "serpent".


  • mcdonbbmcdonbb deep in the Heart of Texas
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    Property of a Lady as a title always makes me think of some pathetic male sub not Bond.
  • ThunderpussyThunderpussy My Secret Lair
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    I thought it could be used as an insult to Bond, as He's an agent for Queen and Country.
    " You are nothing more than The Property of a Lady, Mr Bond "
  • jake24jake24 Sitting at your desk, kissing your lover, eating supper with your familyModerator
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    I thought it could be used as an insult to Bond, as He's an agent for Queen and Country.
    " You are nothing more than The Property of a Lady, Mr Bond "
    Good point. I'd certainly welcome that title.
  • DragonpolDragonpol Schloss Drache
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    I think that The Property of a Lady would be a good title fit for a fifth Daniel Craig Bond film (If we ever get one!). It just squeals a personal Bond mission to me and it's probably the only decent Fleming title left to be used to be honest.
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