5 Bond Movies That Need's A Remake

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5. Octopussy

Octopussy needs a great remake because on the 1983s Octopussy was not that good because of Roger Moore being old and it was not very accurate to the novels, it would be the great time to remake this,because it was the early days of modern movies everything was still campy and goofy,and now its the 21st century everything is now remade, octopussy must be very accurate to the novels and they should have not done the same mistake as before, i really like to see that pre title sequence of octopussy of today's version except with less horse ass.

4. Die Another Day

Yes! you read it Die Another Day, as it was the worst movie of all bond movies this film does need a second chance but this time it must be take place on the modern day And not with those Sci-Fi Gadgets *looking at the invisible Car* , wanna know why? 2 reasons, the 1st was Its Plot was great and very interesting like a korean general turns into a british billionaire to take over the world, but this time it must be realistic and no take over of the world cliche, the 2nd was it was a remake of Diamonds Are Forever, if they do remake this never ever take place on antarctica and of course never add that Shit Fest of Tidal wave Surf.

3.The Man With The Golden Gun

Now this is the movie that i wanted them to remake, unlike the original and it didnt turned well as i expected , this is probably the best of novels because of its very interesting plot were an assassin needs to die also it takes place on a very unique setting, The Man With The Golden Gun deserves a remake because its good source material should not go to waste, if they gonna remake this they should very accurate to the novel and less Sci-Fi Stuffs


Moonraker was probably my most hated bond film of all time below of Die Another Day, Moonraker is a very great story line also a very interesting villain, they should be really accurate at this because the last one was very shit and turns into a Star Wars Rip Off Instead nothing like star wars shit happend in the novels the novels plot that a former nazi scientist made a rocket to blew london, men it would be great to see that today, they should never done the same mistake as before no more campy 70's shit and Sci Fi shit this time they should make a real Espionage Film

1. The Living Daylights And License To Kill

Timothy Dalton's Movies was one of the best of the series but somehow those days the movie wasnt feel right, Timothy Dalton is out of place on his 2 films, but license to kill modified Dalton's Image as Bond but he is still out of place because its script was made for Roger Moore like those Impossible Stuff's and That Truck Scene, but when GoldenEye came Pierce Brosnan Was not right on the role because this time they made it for Timothy Dalton's Bond, why the Timothy Dalton Movies was not right if it because of John Glen and the Writer of the story, The Living Daylights has a great interesting plot about a Bond tries to get a Defected KGB, The Original was good but it was very somehow Slow and Impossible and the most stupidest weapon that whitaker use, License TO Kill i have no complains about the movies except for Ninjas and The Truck Scene, i love License TO Kill, The Plot , The Characters and the action sequence especially that plane skiing scene, they should remake License To Kill as more brutal , Serious and Greedier than before probably a perfect movie for Daniel Craig.


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