John Pearson Quote?

Several Wikipedia articles on Fleming books quote John Pearson describing Anthony Boucher as “throughout an avid anti-Bond and an anti-Fleming man” (The Life of Ian Fleming: Creator of James Bond, London: Jonathan Cape, 1967, page 99).

I have the electronic version of the book, but the quoted description isn't there.

If someone owns the original print edition, could you please confirm that it is actually part of the book?



  • MrcogginsMrcoggins Following in the footsteps of Quentin Quigley.
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    My copy dates from 1966 and I can find no mention of Anthony Boucher on page 99 or for that matter in the index .
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    Thanks, Mrcoggins.

    Perhaps it was quoted from somewhere else?
    Could anyone shed some light on the matter?
  • ggl007ggl007 Spain, España
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    In Lycett's biography, Boucher appeared twice. He is quoted criticizing Fleming's work. He was quite "anti-Fleming" although was capable of saying good things about the casino scenes...
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    Don't find it in my kindle edition too, but Boucher apears to have wrote bad criticizing about the book of Fleming according the Bedside Compagnion of Benson too.
  • DragonpolDragonpol Schloss Drache
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    I've checked my 1966 first edition of Pearson's Fleming biography. Like @Mrcoggins says there's no mention of Anthony Boucher on that page or in the index.

    I had then thought that this quote must have come from Andrew Lycett's Ian Fleming biography instead. Though Boucher is mentioned as a literary critic opining on some of Fleming's Bond novels none of the quotes featured there match with the one in the OP. Sorry, @kenhelm.

    The search continues...
  • Campbell2Campbell2 Epsilon Rho Rho house, Bending State University
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    Could that be Pearson never said this about Boucher? Would be hell to prove. :))

    Or maybe when the haar lifts we see it was somebody else entirely.
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    Thanks, Dragonpol.

    I have no doubt that Boucher had low opinion of Fleming, just wanted to check the Pearson quote origin. Hopefully someone will come up with the right source...
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