5 Bond Movie's We Want To See

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5. Tom Hiddleston From On Her Majesty's Secret Service Remake

Since The Series has been rebooted, and a new james bond is on the way, if they picked tom hiddleston this movie is i wanted to see ,On Her Majesty's Secret Service is a perfect film for him since tom hiddleston can pull off a very dramatic acting, he could portray bond to a very new depiction of bond , a bond that is honest , vulnerable and somehow silent and menacing, since 21st century bond is no longer like the 60's and 70's , i think its the time to remade this great bond story as the original got mixed reviews at the time because of george lazenby, i think its the right time to get it right

4.Christian Bale From A Christopher Nolan Directed James Bond

Christopher Nolan is a very brilliant director, maybe he could made a james bond that might outstand the first 3 movies and the daniel craig movies, Christian Bale is very perfect, i wonder why would he turned down such iconic role, Christian Bale can pull off a very murderous act like daniel craig does, think of it those batman trilogy where james bond like Morgan Freeman as Q , Michael Caine as M and Gary Oldman As the Bond villain, that would be bloody brilliant since Christopher Nolan could make such movies like those batman movies and memento.

3. Steven Spielberg's James Bond

Why the producers don't want him to direct james bond movies, those producers probably regreting by now, they should left him incharge instead of john glen, those timothy dalton movies would be perfect if steven spielberg seats, Steven Spielberg is the best director he might make james bond famous again those days, because he knows the right guy and the right crew to make a great movie, maybe he could do that to james bond instead, but if steven spielberg directed james bond , one of the most well known archeologist woudnt exist, still it would be great if he direct's james bond movies

2.Timothy Dalton From On Her Majesty's Secret Service , For Your Eyes Only , Octopussy and Property of A Lady

if timothy dalton accepts the role he would be well known by know and on her majesty's secret service would be one of the best if he's around, even for For Your Eyes Only it would a direct sequel to On her majesty's secret service if timothy dalton accepted the role , Octopussy would be great for a new fresh young bond than an old guy trying to seduce beautiful young women, also one of the movies that should have made PROPERTY OF A LADY , Damn if that argument never happend we would seen one of the best bond film of the 90's since martin campbell will direct it , it was ashamed that he made movies twice, his depiction and portrayal was the best than the previous ones, it would be great if we see him more kicking russian assess

1.Quentin Tarantino's Casino Royale

this is the best decisions if it was made, in 1999 eon brought the rights of Casino Royale w/c Quentin Tarantino sign on for, it was going to be set on the 60's starring Pierce Brosnan, it would be like the remake of all bond universe, the producers is probably regreting for not letting that happend, instead they let Die Another Day to get on the way, i think it's for the best because if not daniel craig's debut wouldnt be the same, but i think Quentin Tarantino's As Director would be the best


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    I like all of your suggestions except for 1.

    Hiddleston is a good enough actor to pull of OHMSS (however he has lost credibility in my eyes due to Swiftgate/Hiddleswift). Bale could have done CR in his sleep and Bale/Nolan are an unbeatable combination. A Spielberg Bond collaboration should have been made and Dalton could have aced any of the films that you mentioned.

    Re: 1 - I'm a big fan of Tarantino, and would personally petition for EON to pay him (and not the hacks they normally use) to devise dialogue for a Bond film. Then I would have a censor clean up the swearing and move forward. However, despite my appreciation for his ability to come up with incredibly tense verbal sparring scenes, I do not want him any where near a Bond film in any other capacity.
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