5 Bond Movie's We Want To See

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5. Tom Hiddleston From On Her Majesty's Secret Service Remake

Since The Series has been rebooted, and a new james bond is on the way, if they picked tom hiddleston this movie is i wanted to see ,On Her Majesty's Secret Service is a perfect film for him since tom hiddleston can pull off a very dramatic acting, he could portray bond to a very new depiction of bond , a bond that is honest , vulnerable and somehow silent and menacing, since 21st century bond is no longer like the 60's and 70's , i think its the time to remade this great bond story as the original got mixed reviews at the time because of george lazenby, i think its the right time to get it right

4.Christian Bale From A Christopher Nolan Directed James Bond

Christopher Nolan is a very brilliant director, maybe he could made a james bond that might outstand the first 3 movies and the daniel craig movies, Christian Bale is very perfect, i wonder why would he turned down such iconic role, Christian Bale can pull off a very murderous act like daniel craig does, think of it those batman trilogy where james bond like Morgan Freeman as Q , Michael Caine as M and Gary Oldman As the Bond villain, that would be bloody brilliant since Christopher Nolan


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