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    Arriving at airport...

    "Company Car" (TND soundtrack)
    "San Monique" (LALD soundtrack)

    Rushing to work...

    "Hovercraft Chase" (DAD soundtrack)
    "Iced Inc" (DAD soundtrack)
    "Time To Get Out" (QOS soundtrack)

    Approaching the scenic exterior of my island base...

    "007 and Counting" (DAF soundtrack)
    "Tanker" (TSWLM soundtrack)
    "Gonzales Takes A Drive" (FYEO soundtrack)

    Being a British Spy (played by an Aussie)

    "This Never Happened To The Other Fella" (OHMSS soundtrack)
    "Gumbold's Safe" (OHMSS soundtrack)
    "Over And Out" (OHMSS soundtrack)
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