Science Fiction shows that could use a Reboot

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Recently saw this article about ten sci fi shows that are overdue for a reboot/retooling. Many of them I had not heard of but the ones that stuck out:
Blakes 7 if there was ever a show that need serious consideration it is this one. This small budget BBC show that ran from 1977-81 is a legend in the UK but virtually unknown in the USA. It is even impossible to find any DVD boxed sets with the 52 episodes.

Space 1999 I remember this one in the mid - seventies. Starring Mission Impossible Alumni Martin Landau and his wife Barbara Bain. I did not watch it but would like to give it a look. I reckon I can get the DVD's at the library or Amazon these days. The article says the show would have to be called "Space 2099"

Firefly was on that list and I never got this show or why it gets so much post mortem "love"


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    I've only recently re-watched every episode of Blake's 7 ;) I also loved Space 1999
  • MurdockMurdock The minus world
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    This isn't a show but I'd love to see an updated version of Forbidden Planet. @OHMSS69, might I suggest changing the title a bit to Science Fiction Shows and Movies that could use a reboot? :)
  • bondjamesbondjames You were expecting someone else?
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    @OHMSS69, when I saw this thread pop up on the main page, the first show that came to mind was Space 1999. Then I came here and noticed you'd already suggested that.

    Another one I'd like to see redone is The Invaders, a late 60's show that focuses on a hidden alien invasion of Earth.

    Loved both.
  • Agent007391Agent007391 Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start
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    Lost in Space. I loved the original, was indifferent to the movie (I didn't hate it), and just want a show like that back on TV again.
  • MurdockMurdock The minus world
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    Buck Rogers in the 25th Century!
  • JohnHammond73JohnHammond73 Lancashire, UK
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    I agree with Blakes 7 (Doctor Who got a reboot, why not this?), Space 1999 and Buck Rogers; loved this as a younger one and still do now so would love to see them brought back. How about Land Of The Giants; man, I loved watching that during BBC 2 repeats back in the 80's.
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    I liked Lost in Space back in the 60's. the first season was really good but it got too lighthearted by the last two seasons. I will happily re watch the first (black and white) season anytime.

    I actually liked the movie. I just wish they had casted a stronger actor for Professor Robinson. William Hurt was kinda bland. I loved Mimi Rodgers, Heather Graham, Mark LeBlanc as Major West ( I had never watched Friends and this was my first time seeing him) And Gary Oldman was a great Doctor Smith.
    Hurt was the only casting choice I questioned for the film.

  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Das Boot Hill
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    I was a huge fan of Space 1999 as a kid, but having watched clips on youtube, I realize it was dreadfully executed. No doubt due to budget restrains.
  • MurdockMurdock The minus world
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    Bring them all back!
  • JohnHammond73JohnHammond73 Lancashire, UK
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    So many to choose from but do they need reboots as I love them as they are. Space 1999 (maybe as Space 2199?) & Blake's 7 (especially with the success of New Who) as both mentioned above, would be good starters if needed. Buck Rogers, Lost In Space, Land Of The Giants, The Invaders, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, these are a few of my favourites that I love as they are, although I guess it would be interesting to see how they could be brought forward.
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