Bond Moving out of the winter season?

SzonanaSzonana Mexico
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We all know the Bond movies are relased from October to December but with the failure of surpasing the billion dollar mark of Skyfall I could see them moving out the franchise from the winter season and maybe go back to summer or January to march.

January-March is a weak season but now summer and hollydays seasons are oversaturated of other franchises.

So do you guys think of the possibility of a change of season for Bond? Or could they just move a few months after StarWars which will be its biggest enemy every release. I herad since now on every year we will get a star wars movie so they won't be able to avoid it every once in a while now every year there is a Bond movie there will be star warsmovie as well.

Or maybe Eon won't do anything just promote their films on a bigger scale, promoting every film like it was an anniversay film. With every film giving the fans a chance to buy a new ultimate Bond collection.
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