007 is 49

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So what do we think to this? Quite an achievement, here's to the next 49 years with Bond.


  • QsAssistantQsAssistant All those moments lost in time... like tears in rain
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    Yes, I do believe it's time to get out my Dr. No movie.
  • Samuel001Samuel001 Moderator
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    Dr. No on Blu-ray looks like it was made 49 days ago never mind 49 years. Now that's incredible.

    I may just do the same @QsAssistant, or see if I can hold off until next year.
  • Jazz007Jazz007 Minnesota
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    49 years later and still one of the best, most celebrated Bond films ever made - I only prefer TB to it myself - that is quite an achievement. I might have to fit in a viewing this evening.
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    49 years, but it's lost nothing of its charm. DN remains to this very day one of my absolute favourites in the series. Here's to 007 times 007 magic!
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    Great Title, excellent leading actor, great little movie, and that theme is still bloody brilliant.
    The UE dvd does make the film look like it was filmed yesterday.
  • PrinceKamalKhanPrinceKamalKhan Monsoon Palace, Udaipur
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    Happy Big 4-9 to the cinematic Bond! B-)
  • In an ideal world maybe it would of been best if they could have arranged for Bond 23 to be released in theaters next 5th October to coincide with the first release date of Bond for the 50th anniversary, that would of been a nice touch, but I won't dispute

    I don't care about blu-rays and everything, I watched it in it's original format a few weeks back and everything was presented just fine on screen, fine and adequate colors, nice audio and just a good two hours spent with no fancy add ons

    This Bond release doesn't seem to age, it's still a timeless classic
  • St_GeorgeSt_George Shuttling Drax's lovelies to the space doughnut - happy 40th, MR!
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    Happy dies natalis, James Bond.

    Ooh, doesn't it feel nice getting to say that...? :)

    As a side note, the movie Breakfast At Tiffany's also officially celebrated its 50th birthday on October 5th (the date on which it was first released in cinemas). Just one exact year ahead of 007 - almost, almost quite the coincidence... ;)
  • Lawrence of Arabia sees it's 50th too in a few weeks, although I've never actually seen this all the way through

    Moore had a 'Peter O Toole' moment in TSWLM if memory serves, and they even put the music in just for good measure

    I did think 'The Magnificent Seven' bit from Moonraker was stretching things though, or, then again, for that picture, I guess anything goes..
  • St_GeorgeSt_George Shuttling Drax's lovelies to the space doughnut - happy 40th, MR!
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    You're right, @Baltimore_007, we won't have to wait long for Lawrence Of Arabia's 50th anniversary now - it was released on 10 December... but in 1962, not 1961. So just over a year to go, not a few months.

    But, relatively speaking, not very long... :)
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    Dr. No remains in my top 5 Bond films, for sure.

    It has always been 'the little film that could' for me!

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Cinematic James Bond!
  • I'm 49 as well as of January 21st! ;-)
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