Bad guy motivations

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On a recent scriptwriting forum, we were discussing this and I could not help but consider the Bond movies. The recent movies are an indication that the writers IMHO are trying/struggling to find something more deep and meaningful than "£1 billion dollars" theme. SF did well in this area IMHO (but I am biased) and it was perhaps a root of some of the SP issues regarding Blofeld. Has anyone done a list of the Bond bad guys and their motivations? (Do motivations towards individuals provide a more compelling theme that general greed?)
(Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! worked well at this level - sorry not Bond but hope you get the point)


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    How many Bond villain plots would be based on money/greed? On top of my head GF, TB, YOLT, LALD, TMWTGG, FYEO, OP, AVTAK, TLD, LTK, GE, CR.

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    Im still confused re QoS?
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    The masterplan to get M killed was the lamest in the series so far and didn't make sense either.

    I prefer villains with clear visions that are not just 100% psychotic.

    World domination of some sorts works best imho

    DN to DAD did quite good in that regard, maybe TWINE was the weakest.
    SP did good with a clear message of what Denbigh/Spectre wanted to achieve.
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