Jeff Lynne - Eon should get him on board

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Something I'm quite surprised about is that Jeff Lynne (ELO fame) has never been brought on board for any of the songs.

There's an article out there somewhere in which Lynne is quoted as saying he believes that his place is in producing. True, his meticulous production work is fabulous but he also happens to be a superb songwriter and vocalist. Even if he just wrote and someone else sang, they'd have probably the best Bond song melody since 1987.

Anyone else out there ever considered him? Eon? You listening?


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    I thought that was going to be another 2016 celebrity death when I saw the subject of the thread.
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    ELO made some great records enjoyed Lynnes collaboration with George Harrison also.
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    :D yes I was expecting more bad news ! He's another great musician.
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    Oh heck, I am sorry guys.

    I've edited the thread title so as not to spook out anyone else.
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    While I really enjoyed ELO to this day I am not sure I want to hear a title song from them for the next 007 outing. They are great but not appropriate IMHO.
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    I wouldn't expect the style to be that familiar ELO sound from their heyday, but I think Jeff Lynne's sheer musicality would knock spots off any other contenders, even if another artist developed the song and Lynne did the production. Think about some of his involvement with George Harrison in the past.

    Obviously it would need to have that distinctive "Bond sound" which really emanates from the tradition of John Barry but I bet JL could pull some very interesting things out of the hat.

    Edit: For instance, this intriguing rough mix of Above the Clouds. It sounds like it belongs in YOLT:

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