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Being a long date fan of Peter R. Hunt's movies (also made for TV) is there someone out there who can point me to some existing publication about his works?

Having done a lot of researces through the years can anyone definitely confirm me that the director of some Baywatch, P.S.I Luv U, and Hart To Hart reunion movies is actually Peter H. Hunt and not Peter R. Hunt? I am not 100% sure of the listings appearing on IMDB anyway...

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    Here's his Wikipedia page. Although I get the feeling that you've already checked it :
  • Yes, thanks...

    Also Wikipedia doesn't help much....I need to explain...

    For what concerns the movies shot in the seventies and the eighties Peter Roger Hunt is always credited as Peter Hunt in the movies he directed (also in the Philip Marlowe episodes and in TV series The last Days of Pompeii while Peter H. Hunt (from 1776 on) was credited as Peter H. Hunt...but all the Baywatch episodes I have in mind (In Deep in 1989, Go for the Gold and Heath Rays from Baywatch Nights both shot on 1995) are directed by a man simply credited as Peter Hunt and in the Go For the Gold episode, featuring plenty of underwater fast edited action sequences Peter Hunt is credited as second unit director too...add to this the fact that in the Hart to Hart reunion movie entitled Old Friends Never Die the opening sequence is very similar to the pre credit sequence of From russia With Love (the guy wearing the mask of the protagonist is killed in a man hunting Killing)...and there is more to tell...

  • Look to this philmography for example:

    It also features, for example, the TV movie FLYING HIGH, pilot of the series with the same title which also Quinlan's Guide to Movie Directors credits as a work from Peter R. Hunt...
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    I really can't see a director of Peter Hunt's class directing such dross as that.
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    So I thought, but here you have a few other things to consider...for example Judy Geeson, appearing as one of the Piz Gloria girls in OHMSS, has a guest role in the Heat Rays episode (shot on 1995) of the Baywatch Nights series whose director is credited as Peter Hunt.

    Same thing for Olivia Hussey having a leading role in the three episodes of THE LAST DAYS OF POMPEII and also appearing in the TV movie shot on 1995 entitled Dead Man's Island directed by Peter Hunt....
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