"Phoenix Rising", My version.

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Well, I really thank the MI6Community user @thelivingroyale, for encouraging me to start thinking back about one of my "lost" projects, sequel to "NightFire". He wrote his point of story and I really liked it. Here's my version of the plot of what I wrote in the past.

Monday, March 23rd, 2015
Toronto, Canada

The film starts with classical gunbarrell sequence and opens outside Toronto, nearby a facility, an abandoned one. It was heavily secured by mercenaries, their employer is not identified. They were bringing a woman to their interrogating room, presumably, she was a mole working for the DEA. The woman was agent Pamela Bouvier (Holly Valance), she was sent to spy on a drug-lord, very dangerous criminal named Fernard Kallos (Amuary Nolasco), a Colombian-born gangster from Sicily. Pam has been compromised and is well-tortured, so, they can get the access to pull information from her. But, nothing goes to the preferred plan and Kallos orders his men to execute her, and leaves to sell his newly made drugs prototype. The guards take Pam to the execution arena and one of them aims a Desert Eagle at her head while they drop her on her knees, weak, immobile. The guard was just about to pull the trigger when he found his mates assassinated, pouring blood from their heads and chests. He gets frightened, changes his aiming direction, slipping it from left to right until someone appears behind him, rappelled upside-down, grabbed his neck from behind and scratched it over. It was a man, with a black mask on his face, dressed in black fatigues, who finally rappels down, draws over a suppressed Walther P99 and walks towards Pam. He helps her to stand still and injects her with something that powers her adrenaline up that makes her to move strongly for a while. When she's full awake, the man gives her a H&K Socom pistol (H&K Mark 3 Mod 0) attached with laser pointer and suppressor. She asks him to identify himself and the man removes his mask. He was James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) and was sent to foil Kallos' plans and rescue Pam. Bond, at first, moves in stealth to avoid being detected. However, in the middle of the process, a mercenary sees them and triggers the alarm, only to find himself shot in the chest by Bond. Afterwards, running in the hallways, and bursting around the facility walls, searching for an escape route, killing anyone standing in his way, they get outside, steal a motorbyke and head towards the chopper. They weren't chased, as they reached the rendezvous point, they spot many jeeps were moving straight ahead. It was clear. They had to pursue Kallos and destroy him. They both spot that Kallos was about to escape, leaving via his personal train. The agents run quickly back to the facility to find a vehicle and pursue Kallos, they found a Corvette ZR-1 customized with strong nitro that make the car flee. They get into it and chase Kallos' train. Not to mention, they destroy lots of jeeps and two helicopters in the process, avoiding getting killed. Bond finds no choice but to land his car on the train. So, the car is navigated to the upper road until they get a vantage point from the higher cliff to land the car on the train. Bond does so. The strong solid Corvette smashes the roof of one of the movable train-cars, but the men were stuck. Pam crawls out of the car, getting inside the train and eliminating the guards inside, while Bond climbs out but was outside, on the train. He runs through the roofs but is suprisingly blocked by Kallos' henchman, Mercilles (Glenn Foster). They engage hand-to-hand combat fight on the train roofs, sending each other to near fatal fall-offs, but in the end, Bond becomes the last man standing, throwing Mercilles off the board. He continues the pursuit until he reaches to Kallos' main car and gets down there, fight him in melee mode, and eventually, kills him, scrapping the terrorist's head to the broken glasses of the window. But, afterwards, he finds out that the computer was jammed and couldn't stop the train. And just in time, Pam comes around, having the guards behind there slaughtered. Suddenly, a CIA helicopter shows up and throws a rope ladder for the agents. Felix Leiter (Sam Worthington) and Jack Wade (Joe Don Baker) were waiting for them. They get to the roof, grab the ladder and seperate off the train which subsequently loses control and falls down the bridge into the lake, crashed. No survivors. Bond and Pam climb up to the helicopter and report their higher-ups that the mission is completed.

(Main Title Song: "A Rebel You Don't Know" by The Amateurs)


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