Googling 'MI6' - My reflections on a change of address

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Out of interest I just googled 'mi6'

The third result from the search was 'James Bond 007 :: MI6 - The Home Of James Bond'

Upon clicking on this link, I was directed, bizaarely, to ''

At this stage it occured to me: is creating a rod for its own back by arbitrarily changing addresses? has a reputation across the internet, print, word of mouth, etc for being THE premium source of casual Bond fans and this change seems to be advertising suicide and the easiest, cheapest marketing c:b.n will ever receive.

Now, the casual Bond fan (who is not 'in the know') will simply presume that is the new incarnation of based upon a google search or web address entry, and simply use that website instead. Based upon my friends, family, colleagues and students (I am a teacher) I know this for a fact!

I would love somebody to explain the rationale behind this change to me, particularly how (in my opinion a vasting inferior website, poorly presented with weak community) has acquired the address.

I fear that mi6 could very easily and quickly now lose the monopoly of unofficial James Bond news on the internet.

Having followed on a daily basis since april 2001 I fear for the future success of this website (particularly the forum).

The lack (or absence) of a consultation period is disheartening and I would LOVE to be presented with the facts in the cold light of day to appreciate the 'shotgun' nature of the decision.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.



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    "You can't google the solution to people's feelings" - Mike Skinner.
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    Google's change to the new '' will take a few days to go though.
  • Thanks James.

    Oh okay, that kind of solves the problem then.

    I am not an expert, so could you please explain the benefit of .com over

    Why does the old address, however, link to a rival Bond website?!?! It seems incredibly bizaare!
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