Batman V Superman: Review & Discussion Thread, SPOILERS ALLOWED

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I realise BvS has only started its run at the cinemas, so it would be unfair to comment on the movie in detail on the existing Batman V Superman thread. There might also be many members that only will see BvS once it's released on the home video market.

Therefore I have created this thread, so the people who have seen it can shoot away with their thoughts on the movie without worrying about spoiling the movie for anyone. After all, this is one if not the movie event of 2016!

Use this thread to post your reviews, your thoughts or to discuss BvS. This is not an appreciation thread, if you love the movie or if you hate the movie or something in between, feel free to say it, all opinions are welcome! Be cruel, be humorous, be silly, feel free to express yourself as you like! Just don't swear :)) keep it family friendly :)

If you don't have seen BvS and you don't want to stumble into spoilers, then please don't read further, you have been warned :)

By the powers invested in me by this parish, I hereby do declare the discussion opened.


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    By the powers invested in me, by this forum. I hereby declare this thread, closed.

    We have a discussion for this already. No need for two.
    Sorry @BondJasonBond006
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