Question about The James Bond Box sets by actor and the latest Ultimate Bond Collection

SzonanaSzonana Mexico
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I don't know if you guys remember there was an official announcement on the new actors boxsets, the Ultimate Bond collection and the
9 films steelbooks which featured Spectre along with the Craig trilogy.

Well it happened that Mexico only released the steelbooks and seems like the other two releases were only for the US and Europe, people from Mexico could get the individual box sets and the Ultimate Bond collection on amazon but it's weird that Eon made these new releases so limited instead of making it a worldwide thing.

I don't mind much because i already have my Bond 50 collection and i still got The Pierce Brosnan collection on december when I traveled to the states for vacation but i wonder why this happned, that we only got the steelbooks and not the other new editions of the actors and the ultimate Bond collection?

The tsrangest thing is that Eon never made a big campaign for them on tv like they did for Bond 50?

I have the theory that Barbara and Michigan latter felt it was too soon for those new editions and stopped this as much as they oculd and i want to think they want to do something more special for Bond 25 since its an important number for the franchise and the new collections will be better and they will release them world wide to promote the next film.

Maybe they felt the 24th film wasn't that big and felt it was too soon for what they were doing.
First they annuomce these new collections along with the steelbooks on the official Bond site and latter they stop comenting on them.

My very first theory was that Eon thought Physical copies were beginning to be obsolete, since Itunes does have a pachake of all the 24 films in digital format but I dismiss this theory when they made big release for the spectre Blue ray and DVD.

Isn't it stange that first they announce something and latter just happnes with nit much notice.

Look here is the announcement

and we never got the other stuff in Mexico and i bet it happened in all Latin America.
Or does anyone if can contact them ? And ask them what the hell happened and why some countries like mine onlybgit the steelbooks?

I refuse to buy on amazon first because i like to buy my movies and open them right away and second because they are more expensive on Amazon i got my Pierce Collection which included the digital copies for 10 dollars and on amazon they cost 15 or even 17.

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