Rank Your Top 10 Favourite/Least Favorite Tracks

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Funnily, I got this idea from a dream I had. Simply rank your top 10 favourite and top 10 least favourite queues from the Bond soundtracks.


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    Great idea. I love movie soundtracks!

    Will take some time to come up with a list though.
    On the top of my head.

    Favourites: No order (will not include the bond theme)

    Trevelyan give chase (GE)

    FYEO instrumental (played during the underwater sequence at the temple with melina, also during the conversation between bond and melina in the sledge, and when Melina reveals that she hasn't had the courage to step into her fathers office after he died)

    Vesper's theme (CR)

    Severine's theme (SF)

    Over and Out (OHMSS)

    We have all the time in the world, instrumental (played during Bond and Draco's first meeting and also in the barn scene)

    Flight into space (MR)

    Bond lured to pyramid (MR)

    Escape from Piz Gloria (OHMSS)

    The sniper was a woman (TLD)

    Hercules takes off (TLD)

    Kara's theme (TLD)

    Night at the opera (QoS)

    City of lovers (CR)

    Least favourites: hmmmm

    Car chase between Xenia and Bond (GE)
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    Sure there is lots more, but that's all i came up with for now
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    This is difficult as the music in this series is so brilliant. Here's my top 10 in no particular order, though some would likely swap out depending on my mood.

    Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd Theme (DAF)
    007 Theme (FRWL)
    Dawn Raid on Fort Knox (GF)
    Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (TB)
    Escape from Piz Gloria (OHMSS)
    Bond 77 (TSWLM)
    Flight into Space (MR)
    That's My Little Octopussy (OP)
    Golden Gate Fight (AVTAK)
    Kara's Theme (TLD)

    Honorable Mentions: Goldeneye Overture, Where Has Everybody Gone, Vesper, A Drive in the Country, Palace Fight, Ice Chase

    Lease Favorite: There really isn't any! Rather than a specific cue, I would say the lack of title theme cues in recent Bonds is my least favorite soundtrack aspect.
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    Hoped there would be more interested for this thread :/
  • Posts: 3,326
    Hoped there would be more interest for this thread :/

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    I tell you what makes this difficult. some of the tracks you really like aren't available on the CDs. It's real hard to choose between tracks that you can have on CD or iTunes, and those where you have to listen to them with vocals and SFX over the top of them.
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    The least favourite tracks are easy.
    Just take your pic from the two Newman soundtracks, except for "Backfire" and "Grand Bazaar Istanbul".

    I have chosen one track each from the Bond soundtracks in chronological order as it is just too difficult to rank them or limit them to ten. All of them belong to my favourites.
    A top 20 would be doable actually.

    1. 007 Takes The Lector - John Barry - FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE
    2. Underwater Mayhem/Death Of Largo - John Barry - THUNDERBALL
    3. Capsule In Space - John Barry - YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE
    4. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - John Barry - OHMSS
    5. Trespassers Will Be Eaten - George Martin - LIVE AND LET DIE
    6. Bond77 - Marvin Hamlisch - THE SPY WHO LOVED ME
    7. Melina's Revenge - Bill Conti - FOR YOUR EYES ONLY
    8. The Palace Fight - John Barry - OCTOPUSSY
    9. Snow Job - John Barry - A VIEW TO A KILL
    10. Necros Attacks - John Barry - THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS
    11. The GoldenEye Ouverture - Eric Serra - GOLDENEYE
    12. Backseat Driver - Propellerheads - TOMORROW NEVER DIES
    13. Come In 007 Your Time Is Up - David Arnold - THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH
    14. Hovercraft Chase - David Arnold - DIE ANOTHER DAY
    15. Blunt Instrument - David Arnold - CASINO ROYALE
    16. Night At The Opera - David Arnold - QUANTUM OF SOLACE
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