The best moments for each Bond actor

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Ok which moments on the following categories i picked would you say were the best for each Bomd actor

Best seductive moment
Best Romantic moment
Best angry Bond moment
Best killing moment
Best Dramatic moment
Best cool Moment
Best Funny moment or funny quote
Best fight
Best encounter the main Villain

Here my answers

Best seductive moment

Sean Connery- Thunderball
When he goes to see Fiona Volpe and she ask him to give her something to put on and just passes her shoes though some could say it was the other way around Fiona seducing Bond but id say Bond seduced her first.

George Lazneby- Bond going to each one of the girls rooms from the Clinic and telling them he just turned straight because of them

Roger Moore- live and let die the zipper scene with Miss Caruso

Timothy Dalton- licence to kill disscusing the deal with Pam at the Boat and then kiss

Pierce Brosnan- The world is not enough, Bond seducing Molly to give him permission to work again

Daniel Craig- Skyfall. Bond convincing Severine to take him to meet his boss and latter the shower scene

Best Romantic moment

Sean Connery From Russia with love- The ending in Venice at the gondole with Tatiana.

George Lazenby- Bond Proposing Tracy to get married

Roger Moore- The Spy who loved me, the love scene at the train after The fight with Jaws

Timothy Dalton-Licence to Kill Jumping to the pool for Pam and then the kiss at the end.

Pierce Brosnan- The whole Cuba sequence with Natalya. First the kiss at the beAch after they argue and when she asked him if it was true she meant nothing to him.

Daniel Craig- Casino Royale- When he tells Vesper he has no Armour left

Best angry Bond moment

Connery- Thunderball Bond telling Fionnna that waht he did with her was for Queen and country, that was obviously a psycological punch towards her. Bond basically told her very angry she was a terrible lover which she latter madly answers you think you can turn every woman i to your side after you sleep with them but not me Ouch that most have hurt.

George Lazenby- Bond being pissed with M and rightaway writing his letter to quit

Roger Moore- Being cheated by Anya and abandoned so had to find his way to get to his team to latter know both governments would work together.

Timothy Dalton- the living daylights- when he gets the message with the Baloon that Puskin is dead.

Pierce Brosnan- The world is not enough when he learns Elektra is not the innocent girl he thought she was and latter confronting her making a close competition tomorrow never dies waiting for a man from Carver's team to get to his hotel room.

Daniel Craig- Quantum when he gets to interrogate White and latter tells M that Vesper wasn't important to him

Best killing moment

Sean Connery Dr No - killing professor Dent
George Lazenby- Killing one of Blofeld's man in the snow chase
Roger Moore - For your eyes only, killing the guy in the car
Timothy Dalton - Licence to kill Bond burns Sanchez
Pierce Brosnan- Tomorrow never dies Bond kills Dr Kauffman
Daniel Craig- Casino Royale pre tittles sequence when we know how he got his 00 status

Coolest Bond Moment

Sean Connery- Dr No introduction
George Lazenby- when he tells tracy to please stay alive
Roger Moore- Moonraker, introducing himself to Holly goodhead
Timothy Dalton- His entrance in the living daylights and introduction to the lady in the boat
Pierce Brosnan- Blibao scene with the swis banker
Daniel Craig- Skyfall his first talk with Severine

Best Funny moment or funny quote

Sean Connery- Thunderball, when he leaves Fionnna at the table after he kills her and says do you mind if she stays her, she is just dead.

George Lazenby well that is more of a funny scene with M because after Bond knows his quitting letter is accepted and talks to
Moneypenny he tells her, what would i do without you and she smiles to latter M tell her the same thing. Its such a cute and funny moment beacuse its the first time we hear from M that he appreciates her and thanks her work.

Roger Moore he has many great ones but i will choose the one with hugo Drax when they are hunting and he says you missed to latter one of his men falling of the tree and Bond answers did i

Timothy Dalton - license to kill. when Q gets to his hotel room and Bond almost kills him

Pierce Brosnan The world is not enough- After the doctor brings the results of how he is doing after the accident M says ohh you have healed pretty fast to latter MoneyPenny answer very jealous im sure he was touched by her dedication, Molly follows MoneyPenny and Bond smiles because its the first time he sees her jealous.

Its a moment which doesnt fail to make me smile and laugh a bitt

Daniel Craig as cheesy as it was- Spectre when they ask him who is him and says Mickey Mouse

Best fight

Sean Connery-From Russia with Love The Train Fight with Grant in From Russia with Love
George Lazenby the fight with the guys at the pre tittles sequence after rescues Tracy
Timothy Dalton Licence to kill- the fight with Dario almost at the end
Pierce Brosnan Goldeneye- the last fight with Alec Trevelyan
Daniel Craig -Skyfall- fight with the guy at the Casino.

Best talk or meeting with the main Villain

Sean Connery- Dr No. Dinner with Dr No
George Lazenby- when Blofeld tells him that he knows he is not Sir Hillary and knows his real identity
Roger Moore-
Timothy Dalton- Licence to Kill, Bond meets Sanchez
Pierce Brosnan- The world is not enough when he is tortured by Elektra and she no longer prteneds she is an innocent victim
Daniel Craig- Spectre. Meeting Blofeld at his lair and whole speech of information is all


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    I noticed that you didn't mention a fight scene for Moore, lol (or meeting a villain, but at least you mentioned Moore's name). You also didn't have a best dramatic moment.

    Best seductive moment

    Connery - He's great in so many of them, it's hard to pick. Probably the DN ending.

    Lazenby - Well, we only have Tracy, don't we? (Ah, there's the clinic girls, but I've always hated the vast majority of the clinic scenes).

    Moore - Either when he pulls Octopussy back after a brief argument in OP or with Solitaire with the cards in LALD.

    Dalton - Not the biggest fan of them, but it's one of the ones with Pam (either the boat or the final scene). Probably the final scene.

    Brosnan - Hmmm..... the one with Elektra. She was the best Bond girl from his era.

    Craig - Probably the shower scene in SF.

    Best Romantic moment

    Connery - The endings of DN/FRWL come to mind.

    Lazenby - The barn scene.

    Moore - Probably Bond with Anya in the boat in TSWLM, right before she incapacitates him.

    Dalton - The fun he had with Kara in TLD at the theme park, or the final scene with Pam in LTK.

    Brosnan - Almost nothing was romantic at all in his later ones, so I'm gonna have to settle with the beach scene in GE.

    Craig - The scene with Vesper in the shower.

    Best angry Bond moment

    Connery - The scene in FRWL where he slaps Romanova.

    Lazenby - The scene where he "resigns" from MI6 and his anger towards M really shows.

    Moore - When Bond sees General Gogol in Egypt for the first itme. The anger on Moore's face sells the scene for me.

    Dalton - Bursting the "Smiert Spionam" balloon after Saunders dies.

    Brosnan - Killing Kaufman. His anger really came through and I believe the novelization has Bond musing that Kaufman was the first man he killed who truly deserved to die.

    Craig - The ending of QoS?

    Best killing moment

    Connery - Killing Dent, for sure.

    Lazenby - Uh, one of the goons that he knocks off the cliff. I'm pretty sure he's only got those two.

    Moore - Kicking Locque's Mercedes off the cliff, unquestionably.

    Dalton - Setting Sanchez alight.

    Brosnan - Dropping 006 after "No, for me".

    Craig - Shooting Dryden dead.

    Best Dramatic moment

    Connery - The laser scene.

    Lazneby - Tracy's death. This isn't even up for debate.

    Moore - When he reveals to Anya that he killed her boyfriend in the Alps.

    Dalton - Saunder's death.

    Brosnan - Bond confronting and killing Elektra.

    Craig - Vesper or M's death.

    Coolest Moment

    Connery - Obviously his suave intro in DN.

    Lazneby - Cringeworthy as the line delivery was, probably the part after he beats up Che Che in the hotel room and then walks out with the caviar comment.

    Moore - Casually slapping Sandor's hand off his tie and then fixing his tie in TSWLM.

    Dalton - His suave walking into the casino in LTK.

    Brosnan - Fixing his tie after the police cars crash into his tank in GE.

    Craig - Probably the way he walks up to the casino table in CR. Or the CR gunbarrel.

    Funniest moment or funniest quote

    Connery - In DAF, when he replies "Named after your father, perhaps" to Plenty O'Toole's introduction. That scene makes me laugh every time.

    Lazenby - His one-liners were all delivered so badly, but probably "he had lots of guts".

    Moore - "No, ma'am, I'm with the economy tour!" Also gets a laugh out of me like the Connery one. It's better than the slapstick moments and most of the other, cheesier one-liners. Bond taking the umbrella in AVTAK after offering to "help" Sir Godfrey is close, though.

    Dalton - Dalton's overacting right after he knocks Q over in the chair in LTK.

    Brosnan - Brosnan casually looking away as Kaufman trains his gun on his head.

    Craig - The scene where he kills Dimitrios and gives him a playful slap.

    Best fight

    Connery - The fight against Red Grant, of course. Unbeatable raw combat.

    Lazenby - The fight against Che Che in Tracy's hotel room.

    Moore - It has to be one of the stunt fights, since his actual fight scenes are all way too robotic (except the yo-yo fight in OP and the fight with Jaws on the train in TSWLM, both of which are also quite good). Probably wrestling the parachute off the thug mid-air in MR, just because the stuntwork is so damn good.

    Dalton - The fight against Necros while hanging outside of the plane on a cargo net in TLD.

    Brosnan - The fight with 006. Nothing in his era comes close.

    Craig - I've softened up to the Hinx fight in SP, but it's probably still the stairwell fight in CR.

    Best encounter with the main Villain

    Connery - None of his later ones or FRWL, for sure. A toss-up between the dinner with Dr No or the golf match with Goldfinger.

    Lazenby - Well, we only have his undercover encounter with Blofeld.

    Moore - Probably the scene where Bond poses as Robert Sterling and meets up with Stromberg. Particularly the part when Bond almost can't remember the name of Pterois volitans.

    Dalton - This one's the easiest. Undoubtedly, it's the one with Sanchez in LTK with the "problem eliminator" dialogue.

    Brosnan - Brosnan always meets his villains in a friendly way at first, but in terms of when the villain shows their true colours, it's probably Bond's confrontation with Elektra in TWINE.

    Craig - Blofeld looking up from the meeting in SP.
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