The Future and a character transition.

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I have always thought to myself, how long can this go long? 24 films, 50 years, fantastic of course. But at what point does it just be another car chase, another evil plot foiled, another seduction. But what I think now, and especially with Craig's story arc drawing to a close over hopefully one more film, is whether you make Bond Black, Chinese, Female, Gay, it doesn't matter because you are just changing a part of Bond. What if instead, you were able to take Bond to a different time in his life just the way he is? I never loved "NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN" but it did bring an interesting concept to the table: an older, wiser Bond who spends a lot of his time teaching. A Bond not 35-50 in age. A Bond not completely in his prime. What if DANJAQ decided instead of going back to the 60's, changing Bond's sex or skin color, that he simply change his age. What if the next 4 or 5 films was Bond age 55. I mean Harrison Ford was Indiana Jones in his late 60's and Han Solo after that, fighting and all. So what is it to say Bond wouldn't be interesting in his 50's. I mean come on fellas, are we really going to see Bond #30 with him doing the same schtick again and again? My vote is for Bond to enter a new era in his life. Develop new personal problems for Bond. Set him in new circumstance, new unchartered waters. It was interesting and take him to places he hasn't gone before. Thoughts? Opinions?


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    Nothing wrong with Bond, no need to Fix what's not broken. =D>
    I think a bit of mischief, is being had.
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    You're quite welcome not to watch if you find it so repetitive.

    Sealion alert.
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    I think, with every year passing it will be less and less important to the General public if the movies resemble Ian Fleming's Vision.

    I bet the younger Generations (besides us hard-core fans) don't even know who Ian Fleming is let alone having read something of him.

    I wouldn't be surprised if today's youth thinks that Bond must be a Comic book character.

    The question is, if EON is willing to alter the character further. It was already a very controversial decision to cast a "short" blonde guy for Bond.

    If you look at all the Idris Elba talk, it becomes evident that the public would accept a black Bond, so why not an older Bond or a very young Bond.
    Where does it stop?
  • No the public would not accept a black bond.
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