Evil Bond Girls Battle : Classic Fiona Volpe vs Modern Xenia Onatopp



  • MayDayDiVicenzoMayDayDiVicenzo Here and there
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    It's not even close: Fiona.
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    You cannot compare the two. It would be as if you compared Fiona and Jaws.

    You can compare:

    Fiona and Helga (elegant and sexy)
    Xenia and Mayday (tough girls)
    Rosa and Irma (experienced and loyal)
    Elektra and Miranda (the beautifull and manipulative traitors with connections to mi6)
  • MayDayDiVicenzoMayDayDiVicenzo Here and there
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    But why can't you compare the two? They're both femme fatales and play exactly the same role in their respective films.
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    Well, I think Fiona is much more elegant and has much more class. She is also relatively smart and cold blooded but she is more or less only doing her job. She is also rather the bait, not a killer (even though she kills Lippe).

    Xenia is a completely different character who has some specific ott skills. She is tougher and can kill a man with her physical strength. She is also psychotic. She is a bit like Zorin when she kills of the employees in the satelite station. Killing other people give her some kind of satisfaction.

    One could say both have similarities with Fatima Blush but for me the two are still very different and therefore difficult to compare.
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    Shouldn t Xenia get treatment?
  • bondjamesbondjames You were expecting someone else?
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    It's almost unfair to compare these two, because we've had so few henchwomen in the series, and in that small list both Xenia and Fiona are giants.
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