SPECTRE's Train Sequence: The Missing Scene

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Hinx is pulled from the train car...

Madeleine looks at Bond, about to say something...

Suddenly the train's conductor and two of the stewards burst into the car, jabbering excitedly in a mixture of French and Arabic. The conductor is practically apoplectic.

CONDUCTOR: What is going on here? Where is the... the big man?

BOND: He had to get off.

CONDUCTOR (shouting): Violence on my train! All this damage! The other passengers hiding in their compartments, fearing for their lives! You'll explain yourselves to the police, damn you!

MADELEINE (interjecting before Bond can reply): The big man was my ex-boyfriend. He's a violent brute, insanely jealous. He followed us onto the train and attacked us.

CONDUCTOR: You can tell that to the police!

BOND: Come to our compartment and we can explain everything to your satisfaction.

The conductor indignantly harrumphs. Cut to:

Inside Bond and Madeleine's compartment. Madeleine is seated on the bed, Bond at the small table, the conductor standing with arms crossed, scowling.


Bond produces an attaché case, which he places on the table and opens. From within he produces strips of leather which look like belts -- only studded their full length with solid gold coins.

Bond begins taking the gold coins from the belts and stacking them on the table.

BOND: For the damage to the dining car. (Clink, clink, clink.) For disturbing the peace. (Clink, clink.) For any distress we may have caused you and your dedicated staff... (Clink, clink.)

As the coins pile up, the conductor's eyes widen... greedily.

BOND: You can put us off at the next stop. As far as anyone else -- such as the police -- is concerned... we exited the train at the same time as Ms. Swann's former boyfriend. An amicable arrangement, n'est-ce pas?

The conductor grunts and starts scooping up the gold sovereigns, stuffing them into the pockets of his uniform jacket. As he leaves the compartment, Madeleine turns to Bond.

MADELEINE: What do we do now?


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