The Best of James Stannage?

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Does anyone here remember this man? Like James Whale he was something of a "shock jock". I first discovered him in the summer of 2003 on a digital radio station on my old Freeview box called The Hits or Smash Hits. Stannage was a former English teacher who started out on the radio in the mid-1970s. Stannage was on a late-night phone-in show based in Manchester and there were calls about all sorts of things going on at the time - Muslims, Drugs, Religion etc. There were also calls on paranormal subjects like ghosts and timeslips.

Stannage was very controversial and was sacked after making a joke about the February 2004 Morecambe Bay cockle shell pickers disaster in which 23 Chinese cockle shell pickers sadly died.

I actually found him very funny most of the time and I wondered if anyone here remembers him on the radio?

Stannage was famous for his put downs and called people "scroats" and talked about "garroting people with cheesewire"(!) if they rubbed him up the wrong way. :D

Here's a sample of him from You Tube:


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    I think he signed up for these forums under the username TheWizardOfIce!
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    I think he signed up for these forums under the username TheWizardOfIce!

    Funny, I thought of you as I typed that up and the similarities between both of you!

    And, just think, the site's still free-to-view folks! ;)
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    James Stannage v Arfan:

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