'Premiere & Press' sections of film guides no longer link to article

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I was just checking through the film guide to <i>The World Is Not Enough</i> due to latest <i>Bond 23</i> news and noticed it's 'Premiere & Press' link doesn't, well, link to anything. I get a 404 error with "The page you requested could not be found on MI6".

After looking at the other films the following work:

<i>You Only Live Twice</i>
<i>The Man With The Golden Gun</i>
<i>The Spy Who Loved Me</i>
<i>For Your Eyes Only</i>
<i>Tomorrow Never Dies</i>

The rest don't. Is this because of the site change over in March? Has the information now been lost for good?

I thought I'd let MI6 know, if they didn't already.
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