Spoilers - Why did The Force Awakens work better than spectre.

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This isn't a spectre bash particularly. But the similarities between the franchises and their legacy both to their fan base and the wider viewing public have some parallels. Also, the two films themselves seem to walk a similar path in terms of nostalgia, and fan service.

But to me TFA achieves is a much more satisfying film.

TFA although on paper is probably less original than Spectre, but for some reason when viewing the films it feels the other way round.

Canon. The way SW references it's canonical past feels more appropriate and intelligent. It may be not always subtle, but the audacity and entertainment value of some scenes are classic. In fact I was trying to pick a favourite scene and found it near impossible due to the quality of everything on offer. It feels effortless.

Music. The music is a huge part of the experience. John Williams brought the right cues at the right time. I felt newmans score was really weak, and I am a lover of his skyfall score.

Villains. You can't have a decent bond with out allowing a significant portion of screen time to his antagonist. To root for bond and to understand his motivations. Just throwing crammed information out there in the last 20 minutes isn't the way to do it. With Kylo ren we learned more and more as the movie played. I thought he was a great villain, and there is real scope for the character to grow.

Humour. Star Wars is a funny film but wisely JJ Abrams nearly always undercuts the humour with a serious point straight after or a moment of pathos. It works in terms of changing the tone immediately so we aren't in a gag fest. And the humour isn't gags, unlike the 'atmosphere' button. How did that get through test screening?

Star Wars felt relaxed and confident. Spectre did in part but overall there was an insecurity running through it as one reference was piled on top of another with little clarity and logic.

I felt spectre was a 3/5 film. Kind of like diet coke. Artificial but kind of satisfying. Ish. Star Wars wasn't perfect but in entertainment terms was damn near. 4.5/5

It's not There Will be Blood, but it's a fun ride.

What do you all think?


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