Craig Bond Just Gets Creepier With Every Movie

Craig Bond Just Gets Creepier With Every Movie

In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s incarnation of the famous spy felt like a real human being; when his one true love, Vesper Lynd, ends up dead, he’s emotionally destroyed. You can see the pain bubbling beneath the surface. Bond might have been a blunt instrument, but – deep down – he’s just a man. Casino Royale established a new type of Bond, then; one with emotions and feelings, the likes of which previous Bond incarnations wholly lacked.

The problem, however, is that – moving forwards with further chapters in the Craig saga – the franchise has since backtracked on itself: it decided that it wanted to have its cake and eat it, too, and thus retained some of the creepier, highly-dated aspects of Bond’s personality that everybody thought had gone the way of the dodo with the modern reboot.

Nope: both Skyfall and Spectre contain moments of Bond being a real creep. In Skyfall, he pretty much forces himself on a woman who – five minutes earlier – told him she had spent her life as a sex slave. In Spectre, Bond forces himself upon a widow in a rather uncomfortable scene; later he attempts to seduce a woman 20 years his junior, despite the fact that she recently found out her father was murdered. It doesn’t sit right – not in 2015.

And as much as audiences probably want to pretend that Bond is merely seducing these women for the good of his mission (or to discover crucial information), it still takes something away from his standing as a “cool hero.” Fans like to defend Bond’s behaviour (or just ignore it outright), but you can’t pretend that said scenes aren’t uncomfortable to watch.


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    I don't think he forced himself on Lucia Sciarra. She'd been a trophy wife of an ugly terrorist husband for years. She seemed to have appreciated Bond's seduction. And he does send her to safety as she's being targeted by SPECTRE.

    Neither does he force himself on Madeleine: he protects her as a deal with her father then when they make love she is very much consenting.
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    Another person who just doesn't understand Bond.

    Bond isn't supposed to be some cool hero. James Bond isnt your Superman or captain Americas. He's a paid killer with vices. Yes, he is a flawed man but he's not a robot. Bond's emotional arc with Vesper is why his character has evolved into being nonchalant and cavalier. He's not going to live out his days feeling dreadful, especially when he has a job to do.

    As for Severine, this has been debated to death. Bond was invited back to her boat, you see the look of disappointment on Severin's face as she's prepared two glasses of champagne, while waiting for Bond in a sexy night dress. I doubt she only invited him back to discuss entry points and exit strategies of Silva's island. Irrespective of her childhood past, she is a fully grown adult with the capacity to make decisions and she decided she wanted to have sex with Bond. I just don't see why this a problem for some people.

    As for Lucia, again, there was a sexual attraction there between her and Bond and if she wanted to rebuff his advances she would have but she didn't. She even confides in Bond that her husband who she didn't even love didn't spend time with her. Believe it or not, women have sexual needs and desires and if they want it, they'll allow themselves to have it. Lucia and Severine both demonstrated a reciprocation of Bond's sexual interest. As for Madeline, a 30 year old woman, a doctor, the sexual relationship doesn't even warrant explaining.

    Welcome to the real world.
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