"For the Sake of the Cats.": Out of Trust or Out of Fear

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Okay, you might think that this topic is a bit trivial, but I just need to get this out and I want to know what you guys think. It's something I don't want to post on Tumblr because I might get bashed by Bond/Q shippers there. Don't get me wrong, I love Q and his interactions with Bond in Spectre. Their scenes are some of my favorites. But something just occurred to me when I was going back on one of the Q and Bond scenes, it made me question if Q's really sincere on helping Bond.

At Q's Lab scene, after Q had injected Bond with the Smart Blood, Bond asked Q to make him disappear. Then Q answered by telling Bond that he answers directly to M, and that he has a mortgage and two cats to feed. After which Bond said, "Well, I suggest you trust me, for the sake of the cats."

At my first and second viewing of the movie I thought Q was such a good friend that he trusts Bond and is willing to help him, even putting his own career on the line. It's either that or he's absolutely smitten with Bond. And this followed by other favors like Bond asking Q to analyze the Spectre ring, and at the end Bond asking Q for the DB5.

But one day my perspective of this scene changed because of a GIF set that I saw in Tumblr.


From Q’s reaction after Bond said “for the sake of the cats.” It seems like Bond was threatening Q. Like if Q doesn’t do what Bond’s asking him, some serious shit will happen to the cats. It could explain why Q immediately did what Bond asked him. So it actually wasn’t out of his trust for Bond why he does Bond’s favors, but out of fear.

It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable to realize that Bond’s using Q in this way. I just hope my analysis of the scene is wrong.

What do you guys think?


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    *Sighs* Bond wasn't threatening to kill Q's cats.
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    I think you're looking too much into it.
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    It's not trust or fear but instead I think a trusting fear. Bond's licence to kill does not extend to killing animals.... or dodes it? You're right, there's something definintely special between Bond and Q and that blood is jsut a little too smart if you know what I mean by that.
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    I mean we are not asked by the film to have sympathy for Q and his cats, morgage and etc but rather he a punchline and if this was his story it would be called Adventures of Q. If in any case I think all these lines on tumblr were madlibbed on the set on day of shoots, I know a lot of humor was done so for this one by Craig in Spectre. Could possibly be and if so no deeper meaning. Was the line in the leaked script ? If we could find that out then we could go from there as to what it meant but it also has to be known by alot us by now that Mendez can't always communiciate things that he wants to clearly ccausing audience confusion, example did Bond and Moneypenny sleep together in Macow prompting a last minute music change in Skyfall.
  • I thought it was obvious that Bond didn't give a damn about the cats and was mocking Q and his 'predicament'.
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