MI6.co.uk was BondIsBack.com and Bond20.net?

marketto007marketto007 Brazil
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Hello fellow agents, something like 10/12 years ago, there was two great websites on the internet covering Bond 19 (TWINE) and Bond 20 (DAD).

They were www.bondisback.com and www.bond20.net

If I remember correctly, the layout of both sites was very similar to the first versions of MI6, as well as the quality of the site's content. So I would like to know if both websites were the same MI6, or not?

Thanks lads!



  • JamesPageJamesPage Administrator, Moderator, Director
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    Hi Marketto,

    I remember the two sites - and I think the latter was bond20.com.

    Neither were associated with MI6, but they certainly took their lead from it.

    I'm sure there will be a few new sites pop up for Bond 23 and then disappear as soon as the film is out, too.
  • marketto007marketto007 Brazil
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    Thanks for clarifying that to me JP. I was almost certain that the former BondIsBack.com was actually the first version of MI6, because it was also a great site. Regarding the sites poping up for B23, is quite normal actually, because the general public, and the press, not the true Bond fans like us, give access to those sites only when we have a new Bond movie coming out.

    The sites who survive after a new Bond movie, are basically because they are made by passionate fans for the character. That said, I hope my own James Bond site survive that, giving a little information to Bond fans here in Brazil.


  • marketto007marketto007 Brazil
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    @JamesPage, I knew I would find these files somewhere here on my Vault. The reason I've asked if MI6 was BondIsBack it's because of the rather similar classy, yet modern design, which I really liked that time, and still love now here on MI6. The images below are all from the former BondIsBack.com.

    BTW, thanks for clarifying that for me JP.












  • JamesPageJamesPage Administrator, Moderator, Director
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    Nope, BondIsBack was a nice site but nothing to do with MI6. It had an unfortunately short life. As soon as TWINE was in theaters, it kinda died.
  • Samuel001Samuel001 Moderator
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    It makes me think the current bond23.net will go the same way at the end of the year. The scary thing is I vaguely remember these two websites.
  • CommanderRossCommanderRoss The bottom of a pitch lake in Eastern Trinidad, place called La Brea
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    Can you tell us perhaps what happened to MI6.co.uk? Why did it suddenly lead to commanderbond? I thought they were just, you know, friendly rivals. But I guess when a stunt like that is pulled things cool down quite a bit..
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