Austria Sequence -- Spoilers

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How did people feel about the Austria sequence?

I thought the shot on Lake Altausseer and subsequent scene with Mr. White was excellent, but it went downhill from there. The mountaintop clinic (given it was a bit of an OHMSS homage) felt underused, while the plane/car chase was uninspired and boring. I'm surprised they didn't opt for a ski chase. Solden, the ski resort where the sequence was filmed, is one of the best in Europe, and skiing has really evolved in recent years -- it could have been amazing. I get that they were probably trying to avoid the obvious, but given that Spectre embraced the old Bond tropes it just felt like a wasted opportunity.

Finally, when Bond crashes the plane through the barn in the Austrian town, why weren't there any villagers around? In fact, baring the spectacular opening in Mexico, the entire film felt devoid of people. Rome, Austria, Tangier and even London felt vacant.


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    London was especially vacant in the final scene. I found myself wondering how they managed to shoot Parliament Square with absolutely nobody around. Even early on a Sunday morning it's still hustling and bustling. In fact, I think it would have been far better to have Bond and Swann drive off into a scene of normal crowded traffic, rather than the uncharacteristically stark street scene we actually see. To see London like that screams to me that something's wrong.

    I suppose they decided not to tick the ski chase box simply because most of the other boxes had been ticked and they wanted to do at least one thing differently or in an unexpected way. I must say, I fully expected Bond to jump from the plane wearing a pair of skis or a snowboard that he just happened to have handy.
  • Rome was embarrassingly vacant but the lack of ski scene in Austria is almost the biggest travesty of the film!!!
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    It was past midnight in Rome after the Spectre meeting and the car chase that followed it. So I guess the lack of any vehicles or tons of extra is excusable.. But no excuse for a deserted train and a deserted London. I've been to London, it's anything but deserted no matter the time of day.

    I agree too that the clinic was underused. It was a nice nod to OHMSS, but seeing as it was just a place where Madeleine worked and hid, there was nothing much to go for to utilise the place too much. A ski scene would've been awesome nonetheless.
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