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Tomorrow I will be seeing Spectre with my 74 year old dad. Circumstance has me living at home again for the first time in 25 years. Memories of my first Bond movie are flying back. Dad took me to the see The Spy Who Loved Me when I was a wee lad of 7. That and Star Wars were likely my first "grown up" films seen in a theatre. And Bond has been a nice part of my life ever since, uncovering the ones which came before and following all the ones to come after. Starting about 1983 when our family bought a VHS I went on to tape all the Bond movies as they came on TV and watched each one dozens of times. But as I got older, predictably, my attachment to Bond started to fade as sports, music and girls became a larger bit. Now, I struggle to remember the youthful fantasies that had me so cling to 007.

When those white dots come across the screen and I am watching with my Dad tomorrow I wonder how it will all feel. By all accounts, Spectre is quite a bit "Bondier" than the previous films.

What does Spectre mean to you in the context of your Bond lives? Given the passions people feel about canon, the gun barrel, the music, etc, I am sure you folks have a lot to say!


  • Every time I watch any of them... Chills, everytime. To see the gun barrel, to hear the music, it's amazing. I collected every original poster and framed them in order in my home theater so as to travel through time as you walk down the hall and see life memories that happened with each film as they came out, or events that take you back to when you first watched each film.. It make every new movie that much more special.
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    That is very cool cmacy007! Posters in your home theater. Love it.
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    It all started with me sitting in front of TV eight years ago, and watching something called "Casino Royale". Well, this movie made big part of me. I fell in love with cards, suits, class, England, english, and it made movies something more than "one-time view picture". It was the first thing that formed term more complex than "like" - it created passion in my life. After that i've watched all the other movies, and i also fell in love with them. It may sound stupid, but even if some of them are not perfect, they are perfect (really, don't ask). Now, every next Bond movie premiere is like christmas, and when i'm finally able to watch it in cinema - it's like celebrating birthday, christmas, and everything else in one day.
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    Spectre seems to have relations to the classic eras of Bond, but in production it seems closer to the Brosnan films. As GoldenEye was the first Bond film I saw, I think Spectre will probably evoke memories of Bond from the 90's. I do wish I saw Bond in the 60's and 70's, though. The context (and thus the films as a whole) would've been so much stronger.
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