SPECTRE; what had to be a great night turned out to be a nightmare NO- SPOILERS

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So at 0.01 am last night was Belgium's premiere. After watching the excellent 'Skyfall' again, expectations were very high for number 24.
2hours and 30 minutes later I just had the feeling: what a waste of time ! Is this the best they can do ?
To resume: SPECTRE is just dull and disappointing, extremely thin plot (is there a decent plot anyway?), the whole Morocco part is just ridiculious, Léa Seydoux is tasteless as a Bond girl and Christopher Waltz is so baaaaad as vilain. Not bad as mean, but just so wrongly played. Problably one of the worst casting errors of the whole saga. You have the feeling they tried to put so many things in this movie (continuing the Skyfall-feeling, referring to all the Craig movies, introducing back an old ennemy, is Edward Snowden in this movie ?, ...) but as a whole it just failed big time.
Maybe expectations were to high; I was hoping for a masterpiece; it turned out to be an overcooked egg. Like DAD was the worst and the last for Brosnan; it's definitely time for Mendes to stop and probably for Daniel too. How can they continue this story arc after the mess they made in SPECTRE... ? It's time for a fresh start like they did with CR.


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