Spectre play list in order of appearance?

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Does any one have the proper Spectre playlist in order? "The Shark" used to do a good job providing this.


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    Well I just found this....so you can start one with this :D

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    I think it goes like this:

    1. Los Muertos Vivos Estan
    (Not sure we can count Backfire here, though it does appear)
    2. Day of the Dead
    3. Tempus Fugit (first time)
    4. Vauxhall Bridge
    5. The Eternal City
    6. Donna Lucia
    7. A Place Without Mercy
    8. Backfire
    (I believe Someone Usually Dies appears here as well)
    9. The Pale King
    10. Kite in a Hurricane
    11. Crows Klinik
    12. Snow Plane
    13. L'Americain
    14. Secret Room
    15. Madeleine
    16. Hinx
    17. Writing's On The Wall (Instrumental)
    18. Silver Wraith
    19. A Reunion
    20. Tempus Fugit (second time)
    21. Safe House
    22. Blindfold
    23. Careless
    24. Detonation
    25. Westminster Bridge
    26. Out of Bullets
    27. Spectre (End Titles)
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    dragonsky wrote: »
    Well I just found this....so you can start one with this :D

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    Has anyone managed to collar the screen version of the title song yet? I know it won't be for a few months really, but worth asking.
  • This may be too early to ask but I'm dying to know! Does anyone know if the soundtrack in these areas are in the released album?

    - When Bond arrives at the Spectre meeting, after confronting the bald guard? Some dark, sinister-themed music plays here.

    - The torture scene. A very cool, 'Quartermaster-themed' piece plays here.

    Thanks! :D
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