Spectre Music not credited anywhere!

Had an awesome night last night watching Spectre (IMAX, amazing sound!) and in it was one of my all time favourite pieces of classical music, and NOWHERE on the internet can I see reference to it. It was the night time scene with Monica Bellucci, walking through the house, the piece is "Cum Dederit" from Nisi Dominus by Vivaldi - It is probably Andreas Scholl or Philippe Jaroussky, but sounded different to recordings I've heard of them (bloody perfect, actually). If anyone knows who it is, or can perhaps "soundhound" it when you go and see it, I'd be grateful.


  • I know exactly what you mean- this music leapt out at me in the film too. I am convinced it is James Bowman and the Academy of Ancient Music's version. Same disc as Gloria. Utterly beautiful.
  • Hi.
    It had the same effect on me. Hauntingly beautiful.
    Here is your answer.
  • Andreas Scholl, not James Bowman.
    So good I have immediately ordered the CD - from the Australian Brandenberg orchestra with Paul Dyer, recorded in 2000.
  • BereniceBerenice I think it was Philippe Jaroussky who sang in the movie!
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    I think it is Philippe Jaroussky who sings in the movie "Spectre" - wonderfully by the way!
  • ThunderpussyThunderpussy My Secret Lair
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    “Cum Dederit” by Vivaldi

    It's amazing that it only takes one click of a mouse on a search engine, to get all this information.
    For two who have never posted before, and start a thread for some pretty well known music news.
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