Taking over a Gibraltar magazine - Huge 007 Feature

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To let you all know, I've bought a magazine business in Gibraltar which I've taken over this month, and for my first edition I'm doing a huge Bond feature. The magazine is currently fashion and lifestyle - https://www.facebook.com/groups/Gib.BMag/?fref=ts

My feature will include -
- Bond fashion for men
- Bond fashion for women
- The supercars in SPECTRE
- Bond and Gibraltar (including filming TLD, and Fleming in WW2). The cinema owner in Gib was a Bond girl in TLD, and has loads of stories about when filming took place here. She has a few photos of her and Tim, which she showed me.
- Bond film review of all past movies (took me ages to do).

I've managed to secure a Heinekin Bond advert, a Jaguar Gibraltar garage advert, and hopefully a Belvedere 007 advert.

I'll keep you posted when the magazine is released on 1st November. If you follow my Facebook B Magazine page, I'll try and post the articles on there for you to see.

There is an event that Heinekin are doing in Gib at the cinema for the opening night on 6th November which I'll also be covering for the December issue.

BTW, time to breath a sigh of relief from the initial reviews I've read today. It looks like SPECTRE is the Bond film we all hoped it would be....


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    I don't want to read them but have seen the Guardian and Telegraph have both given it 5*! Sounds promising. I am very hopeful that Mendes has addressed the issues I had with SF. Really looking forward to seeing it.
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    Fantastic news! I wish you the berry best with that, @jetsetwilly!

    On the content I really hope you'll include a review/article on Raymond Benson's Doubleshot (2000), a Bond continuation novel that concerns a villain's plot to return British-held Gibraltar back to Spain.

    I'd contribute such a review/article if you so wish, given time!

    By the by, Gibraltar also features at the end of John Gardner's Win, Lose or Die (1989).
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    Well done!

    I just know you will love the film 'Spectre'
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    How did the magazine go?
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