Casino Royale fight scene/s

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Wasn't sure where to put it category wise, but i watched casino royale again the other day. That fight scene in the bathroom at the beginning in black and white is brilliant. I think Daniel's acting right after the scene and throughout the film after each fight is brilliant i must say. I'm hoping for a brutal fight scene in Spectre :)


  • I recently looked over CR again. I have to say that while I enjoyed Spectre in the most part, Craig was dynamite in CR. It's still his best film. Campbell nailed the fight scenes.

    In particular, I love the bathroom fight. It's so vulgar and inarticulate; there's a certain desperate quality to the way the men are acting. Bond is so commanding and aggressive, but he isn't beyond taking a punch.

    I love the moment in particular where Fisher finds the gun and Bond pushes his hand away by forcing him to shoot the sink. The following moment where Bond punches the mirror to force him to drop the gun is great. Also it's even more impressive as it is actually Craig who did it!



    If you've seen CR a few times, you soon find it it quite easy to spot Ben Cooke, Craig's stunt-double, but I always get a thrill seeing Craig actually in action.
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