Craig on the ideal suit, margarita, Tarantino, Morningwood, McQueen and Kenny Dalglish

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<b> You once described yourself as a "suit snob". What do you like about Brunello Cucinelli suits?</b>
Daniel Craig: "They're so luxurious - they're light, great and seem to fit me. Buying off the peg, it can be a bit difficult to find something that fits you but I put on a Brunello Cucinelli and I didn't have to get it adjusted. It's the same with Tom Ford - if I put on his off the peg, they fit me like a glove. I can't be bothered waiting around for all the tailoring - unless you're getting a suit made.

<b>What do you consider the most stylish film?</b>
"Steve McQueen always had it. Look at The Thomas Crown Affair - it's one of the most stylish films there is. Certain movies of the late Sixties are [because] suits were worn by everybody. It's not so much that way anymore. Suits are looked at more now as a business thing which is kind of a shame. If you're not wearing it just for work, you should try and trick it up a bit. [indicates's Thom Browne tie] You've got a nice thin tie - it doesn't look like you're wearing a business suit. Although you are at work, apparently..."

<b>Jon Favreau famously likes AC/DC and always wanted to get Sinatra's music into a film. Which music do you agree on?</b>
"I like AC/DC. Come on, everyone loves AC/DC. I like a bit of Sinatra occasionally, for the evening, over a margarita. What have I been listening to recently? A band called Morning Wood which I downloaded the other day which I really liked. I always liked Kings of Leon, if they're still together. Anything really - it's awful to say but I have a very eclectic mix on my ipod if you have the balls to put it on shuffle. There's all sorts: Serge Gainsbourg, Aimee Mann and other rougher stuff. Much more rock'n' roll. Honestly!"

<b>Noel Gallagher wanted you to play him in a biopic - are you excited about his solo record?</b>
"As what [laughs]? What part of his life would I play? If I play him he can play me he can play me. Am I a Liam or a Noel man? I know Noel better than I know Liam - I suppose I'd have to go for Noel."

<b>You have said in interviews you tend to be allowed two drinks before someone starts bothering you. What are those two drinks?</b>
"It's a generalized answer - I'm sorry it is one that I give. If I could squeeze in five I will. If I'm in a pub I can drink Guinness."

<b>You once told Sam Taylor-Wood there is "room for craziness" in any director. How did Jon Favreau's craziness manifest itself?</b>
"Fun! Apart from being a great director, Jon is actually a very funny actor. We had an immense amount of fun on set. It's important when doing a film like this to have a lightness of touch because you are pulling together an awful lot of things. We're on set with 50 horses, five or six big actors, you need an understanding of human nature let us say. He's got a great sense of fun and he knows when to tell the gag. Did Sam tell you that? [laughs] Did she?!"

<b>Olivia Wilde said that you were a great bartender at the cast parties. What's the secret to a good on-set margarita?</b>
"I never had them on set. I would have liked to, but I was never allowed. A good margarita is in the lime; it's got to lean towards the sour. Tequila once you mix it into a cocktail could be anything - as long as it's fairly decent it's ok. It's the sourness to sweet ratio that is really important."

<b>Quentin Tarantino is about to make a Spaghetti Western Django Unchained. What advice would you give him?</b>
"Probably not going to be very violent is it? [laughs] I don't need to give Quentin Tarantino advice. Jesus! He wouldn't listen anyway. Get it right. Don't be s***. Make a good Western. That would be my advice."

<b>Was being "Mr Marmite" at the Reading Save-a-Centre the worst job you've ever done?</b>
"No it wasn't. There are worse. It was one of the worst. What was the worst? Literally shovelling s***."

<b>Having had Paul Newman make dirty jokes on Road to Perdition and Harrison Ford make jokes about your chaps, do you still get star struck?</b>
"Yes, of course I do. It's weird, you get star struck around sports stars as well. I think if you lose sight of that you're screwed. It's nice to meet people like Harrison - I've been watching his films for 40 years."

<b>What's the biggest media misconception about you?</b>
"That I don't like Marmite? I don't know. There are a lot but I don't give them much thought. I have to be myself."

<b>Who would be your Man Of The Year?</b>
"F*** I'd wish you'd asked me that earlier. I could have given it some serious thought. I don't know yet. Kenny Dalglish is my Man Of The Year every year. How do I think they'll line up [this season]? There's positive talk about fourth place and Dalglish thinks we can do better than that. I believe him."


  • Artemis81Artemis81 In Christmas Land
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    Great interview.
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    Yeah, great indeed. Thanks @danslittlefinger.

    In this interview when asked about the Bond 23 title he says - absolutely none of your business. Maybe he knows...
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    Wow, two great interviews. Craig seems in a good mood in both of them.
    Thanks chaps!
  • DaltonCraig007DaltonCraig007 They say, "Evil prevails when good men fail to act." What they ought to say is, "Evil prevails."
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    Yes ! Craig downloads music ! I feel less guilty now ! =D>

    Craig's interviews are always a real pleasure to read - he is an outstanding person ! A real fun character !
  • Talking about music, could really see Morningwood doing a Bond song.
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    Yup, it's nice to read an interview in which you get a genuine sense of the person. Most certainly doesn't always happen. There's been some decent ones with Craig recently - he comes across as a fairly level-headed, good guy for me. Just a shame he's a Liverpool fan, I suppose - but at least he comes from Chester on that score... ;)
  • Yes ! Craig downloads music ! I feel less guilty now ! =D>

    He said "downloaded", not "stole". ;-) He could have gotten it from iTunes...

    The fact the he doesn't even know if Kings of Leon are together should put the kybosh on the rumours he's asked them to do the theme to Bond 23.

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