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First apologize if there is a post on this topic.

A few members Archivo007 club, fan club of James Bond of Spain, will be in London from October 23 until October 27 in London, and I wonder if anyone knows stores to buy merchandising of James Bond in London (books, toy cars, dolls, etc.) Thank you ;) ;)


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    I believe BOND IN MOTION has it's own store. There's also the CINEMA STORE, also in Covent Garden. The last time I was in London I was amazed by this store.
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    Forbidden Planet might have a few things as well.
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    I would also suggest Bond in Motion. When I was there last year they were selling just about all the possible merchandise: novels, Blu Rays, posters, toy cars, etc.

    But keep in mind they will be more expensive than other options.
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    Yeah, bond in motion store has a lot of twings. You obviously have to Pay the museum ticket
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    If you fancy picking up a copy of The Folio Society's edition of Casino Royale, you could pop into their shop near Holborn tube station. They are likely to have them in stock by the time you visit. It's not far from Covent Garden, and also fairly close to Somerset House, which has appeared in a couple of Bond films, I believe.
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    I was there in August and would say Bond in Motion doesn't have too big a selection of merchandise actually - a lot of it is self branded BiM and really only the catalogue caught my eye. There are a few books (not many) including the IF novels but you'd be better checking out some of the larger bookshops (Foyles for example).

    I'd definitely take the time to search out though there's no guarantee there's Bond models there but it'd be an opportunity missed with SP just about to hit town.

    Check out Planet Hollywood for Bond props - when I was there they had an area set to showcase Bond with RM's suit from TSWLM and PB's from GE. The bathing costume from Jinx and gambling chips/Omega from GE. They're presented as genuine but who knows. They have a nice rack of ribs on the menu so worth a stop there anyway. Very loud mind.

    These are quite poor pictures snapped in a hurry on a phone but they give an idea what's in the windows and cabinets (some can be viewed from outside):



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    You should visit The Cinema Store on St. Martin's Lane. Posters, Factory models, signed memorabilia etc. Well worth a trip for slightly more unique purchases.
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