Who is responsible for creating "Spectre", (the organization)

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Probably a stupid question but I was reading up on the creation of "Thunderball" and the creation of the group "spectre". Who is more responsible for Thunderball and the creation of spectre?
Is it 90% Fleming or 50/50 Fleming and Mcclory??

Will Mcclory get credit in the film for co creating spectre? Or is it purely Fleming?
Maybe the wrong section but considering the use of the name and organization I was just curious..


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    Hmm a can of worms...I'm sure you've picked up the official version from what you've read, but we won't ever know the truth of that meeting between Fleming, Mcclory and Whittingham

    As of recently, Mcclory won't get credit anymore as EON has the rights to Spectre etc
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    Yeah I was curious to how much of Thunderball and the spectre organization were Flemings.
    Thunderball is one of my favorite movies so it's interesting.

    Also interesting to wonder how much of the spectre in Craig's series will resemble the novels and original series. Will they have the buttons to terminate agents, the code names, same structure?
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