A funny little story from On Her Majesty's Secret Service

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I found this on You Tube. It's just a small snippet from an interview by a young Jeremy Clarkson with George Lazenby. It begins at the 3:22 mark. Clarkson asks the actor he's interviewing before Lazenby who he thinks would win a fight between Bond and Indiana Jones.


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    Great find, @Bounine! "You've got no pants on!" Love it. :D
  • "Not for an Englishman" hahaha. BTW I love Indy but Bond would win.
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    Funny thoughts there, many which I disagree with. I find it odd what members of the public sometimes think about Bond. Bond would hammer Jones to the floor not worrying about his suit at all.

    Oh and the "You've got no pants on" is great.
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    Great find, @Bounine! "You've got no pants on!" Love it. :D

    Yeah, it's pretty funny. It's always amusing listening to these behind the scenes anecdotes.

    The clip with Jonathan Ross is funny. Damn this guy makes me laugh. He's so witty. I like how when Jeremy Clarkson recommends to Ross that he should start smoking and Ross replies that he could start with the patches and work his way up.

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