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Hello All,

I'm an artist for <i>MAD</i> Magazine, and the above image is a special, limited edition print I created as an exclusive for this year's San Diego Comic-Con... however I ended up with quite a few left and I am selling the remainder through my website. They are 11″ x 17″ prints featuring caricatures of all the actors who have portrayed a certain secret agent in the movies (David Niven doesn’t count.)

- The prints are limited to 250 total, all signed and numbered.
- I would be happy to personalize the print to you as well, just include that info in the PayPal order (there's a field for it)
- The cost is $20 (cheap!) plus $5 flat shipping in the US and $8 anywhere else in the world.
- Ships rolled in a poly sleeve in a sturdy cardboard tube.

These are actually going quite quickly. If you want to order one go to <a href="">my website</a> for all the details.

Thanks!- Tom


  • LudsLuds MIA
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    Excellent work Tom!
  • Samuel001Samuel001 Moderator
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    Fabulous work! Each actor has their own distinction -LOL at Brosnan's!
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    heh, thanks for that

    what's Craig been up to :-?
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    Thanks, I had some fun with this.

    I tried to make each actor posing or doing something that was indicative of his portrayal of the character. Connery's suave, easy manner; Lazenby's modeling pose and ruffled shirt; Moore's "kung fu" stance; Dalton's seriousness; Brosnan's fiddling with his tie (and the girl's panties coming out of his pocket); finally Craig's grittiness—and the fact that he seems to be the only one who looks beat up after a fight.

    Apologies for the wing collars... my American ignorance showing.
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    Great work @art4mad!

    I can´t stop laughing at Moore´s karate stance :-)) . And it´s cool to see Brosnan with a threatening face for a change. I apologize for being so sarcastic with regard to Brozzer lately.
  • DaltonCraig007DaltonCraig007 They say, "Evil prevails when good men fail to act." What they ought to say is, "Evil prevails."
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    Moore's ready to karate chop his critics !
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    I like how each Conman, the Laz and Dan the Man have big ears. But to be honest you made Dan too ugly. Other than that, I can't complain. You're a true artist.
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    This is just awesome work! As a youth, I religeously bought MAD MAGAZINE month in and out, and spent a little fortune on old back issues. I never see it on the news stands these days, I suppose it has a smaller audience these days. I still have a hefty collection under my bed at my parents house.....
    heading over to order my print now!
    Respect to you sir....
  • nick_007nick_007 Ville Marie
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    Very good!

    To personalize or not to personalize. That is the question.
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