Kate Westbrook Story

Does anyone have Kate Westbrook's "For Your Eyes Only, James" (Tatler, November 2006)?

If so, please send me a PM.

Thank you in advance!


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    Good call!
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    I wish I could help you @kenhelm but I don't have that particular story, sorry. I need to re-establish email contact with you again to see if I can possibly help you out in your search for other Bond stories.
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    @ Dragonpol

    Looking forward to it, thanks.
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    kenhelm wrote: »
    @ Dragonpol

    Looking forward to it, thanks.

    Yes, sorry I did not get back to you sooner. Perhaps you could email me your list of stories you still need via the email address on my profile?

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    @ Dragonpol

  • I'd love to read this.
    I'm a huge fan of Westbrook's 'Moneypenny's Diaries', I think they are simply genius and together with Higson's 'Young Bond' are the best works commissioned by IFP.
    I am always surprised when I come across Bond fans who haven't read her works and can only put it down to some sort of sexual discrimination. Maybe they just don't think that female writer can deliver in 007's macho world ?
    Whatever their reasons, I would urge them to reconsider. These books are absolutely required for any Fleming/Bond aficionado. It is essential to read them in chronological order and it would perhaps be a good thing if they were re-issued as an omnibus.
    Meanwhile, if anybody can get hold of this short — send it my way.
    Perhaps it's something that could be re-published by the fabulous Literary007 site?
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    Okay, with this endorsement I'll try them out.

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    I hadn't heard of the short story but I loved Moneypenny Diaries. I was introduced to them when I saw the author speak at a Bond event at the Imperial War Museum.
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