Who do you want to take over from Mendes as director?

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Interested to hear your thoughts my top 4 are

Christopher Nolan -
The guy just does Epic attention grabbing blockbusters so well 1. studio wont be able to afford him and give him the budget he will want to deliver the goods.

Rowan Joffe -
Screen play for 28 Weeks Later and Danny Boyle prodigy Director on: Before I Go to Sleep, Brighton Rock - Can pull of period as well as modern, there is a gritty element to his style.

David Ayer - Fury, Training Day, Fast and the Furious - This guy writes and directs, he can do story, he can do big action.

My favorite choice

Kenneth Branagh - You be like WHAT?? the actor. yes Kenneth Branagh!
Directed: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Thor, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Sleuth - Branagh understands good story and as a student of Shakespear he is a bit of a perfectionist. He is British I am sure he would jump at the chance.


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    Should Craig comeback for B25 which I really hope he does, I'd like Martin Campbell to return. He's directed GoldenEye and Casino Royale, two of the best Bond movies. If Daniel Craig returns for one more film, I want Campbell to finish the arc he created.

    My second choice is Brad Bird. Having directed Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol and The Incredibles. (Which has many Bond elements and soundtrack.) I'd love to see this man direct a Bond film. Perhaps not a Craig Bond film but I want him to direct one. He can deliver.
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    Existing thread already covering this chaps.
    Feel free to re-post your comments in here...
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