James Bond in literature

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This is a post about James Bond, either in novel or movie form, mentioned in other literature, in novels or comic books or even stage plays or poetry if you can find anything like this. Please feel free to quote.

I had the idea for this thread reading George Pelecanos' Shame the Devil, when TSWLM is mentioned by a character.


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    James Bond gets mentioned in spy novels "Zurich Numbers" by Bill Granger* and "Cold Black" by Alex Shaw.

    *Fifth book of The November Man series. Ironically, last year Brosnan starred in The November Man, based on the book series by Bill Granger.
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    From Shame the Devil:

    "Lavonicus breathed through his mouth as he thought it over. He had thick red clown lips and large gapped teeth. Otis found him to be an ugly man-like that Jaws-lookin sucker' from that bad run of Bond movies-but he understood why his sister Cissy loved him."
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    Let's see...

    Saul Bellow's novel: "Humboldt's Gift": "It occurred to me that the Japanese houseboy was also a judo or karate expert as in 007 movies, there were so many valuables in the apartment."

    Bellow's novel "More Die of Heartbreak": "Uncle said that the hotel pool was an [sic] 007 setting for criminal and sexual intrigue."

    John Updike's "Rabbit is Rich". "That fantastic scene in Moonraker when he's dumped from the plane without a parachute and freefalls into one of the bad guys and steals his, can't be much worse than hang gliding."

    Julian Barnes's novel "Before She Met Me": A non-custodial father takes his daughter out to the movies. "'Why don't we say we tried to get in to Over the Moon, but it was packed out, so we had to go and see the new James Bond instead?' He supposed there was a new James Bond; there usually seemed to be. 'All right.' Alice smiled." [...] Later, he returns the daughter to his ex-wife's place: "'Couldn't get in,' he replied, just as levelly. 'It's one of those cinemas they've split up into three, and I suppose all her schoolfriends had got there before us." 'So what did you do?' "Oh, well, we thought, once we were there, we might as well see something, so we went to the new James Bond instead.' 'What EVER for?' Her tone was sharper, more rebuking than he could have predicted. 'You'll give the child nightmares. Really, Graham.' 'I think she's too sensible for that.' 'Well, all I can say is, on your head be it. On your head.'"

    Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses": Bond, Blofeld and Pussy Galore all get mentions. In "The Moor's Last Sigh", Blofeld gets two mentions.

    Martin Amis's "Lionel Asbo: State of England". "And now it was Des’s turn to think of James Bond — of Bond, James Bond, and his licence to kill. Of course, Lionel would not be the secret agent, would not be 007; he would be the talented maniac bent on world domination. Where was his moat full of shark or piranha? Where was his bushy white cat, his chessboard, his monorail? And, having achieved world domination, what would Lionel do with it? … The burgundy smoking-jacket, the stout cigar, and the brandy balloon were all of a piece; on the other hand, the likes of Mr Big and Dr No, with their planetary ambitions, would not normally be seen frowning down at a tousled copy of the Diston Gazette. This Lionel now put aside."

    Oh yes, and the 1978 Kingsley Amis novel "Jake's Thing". Amis even names Chapter 4 of his book "Thunderball". Our titular protagonist Jake is concerned that given a choice between sex with his mistress and watching a rerun of Thunderball on the telly, he'd rather watch Bond. "'In fact the evening as I'd planned it for myself, very much including what was left of Thunderball. I reckoned that if-' 'I wonder if you'd kindly explain about this thunderball thing you've been constantly referring to. I don't believe I-' 'Well, you know, Thunderball. Film, didn't I say? Sean Connery. James Bond. Ian Fleming. Barbara something, was it?" "Ah to be sure, James Bond," said Dr Rosenberg without producing much conviction in Jake."
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    Good finds!
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