Fan-made James Bond Trading Card Game.

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Hello, hello, hello :3

Well - I'm a Bond fan. Not a big surprise, because I'm on a Bond site. I'm also a Trading Card fan, I used to collect Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, Magic cards, and of course, Pokémon cards.

And, of course, I looked for Bond cards. I found Topps cards, and a few other ones, released in 1995, but nothing spectacular. I actually hate games where you have to compare two numbers to know who won the round, because it's random, and because you have basically no strategy. So, even if the "Spy Cards" are quite nice to look at, it's not that fun to play with. (And, also, they never got released in France...)

As a consequence, I've decided to create my own game. The design of the cards is actually based on the old Megic design, but the rules are different.

I will write down the rules a little bit later, it's not easy to translate rules and still be understood.

But I can't leave you with nothing, so here's few cards, just for your eyes only!







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    Those look excellent - well done my boy!
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    Thanks! :D
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    Okay, so here's the rules. I tried to keep them as simple as possible.

    Goal of the game: You have to steal all the Intelligences of your opponent, without having yours being stolen. The Intelligence token should be placed over your "secret base" card.

    To achieve this goal, you will have a 40 cards Deck, composed of "Hero" cards (red), "Henchmen" cards (blue) and "Equipment" cards (white).

    Hero Cards: You must have the same number of Hero cards as your number of Intelligences in your Secret Base. Plus, you can't have the same Hero twice (I mean the exact same card, you can have various Bonds, but not the same 007 from the same edition.)

    Example: Your secret base is "The Saint-Cyril Monastery" - Number of Intelligences: 3. That means you will have 3 Heroes in your Deck. You have to put all your Heroes, face-down, on the field before starting the duel. Each time a Hero is defeated, an Intelligence is lost.

    Hero cards have a "Resistance", it's like the HP in Pokemon, your Heroes will lose HP during the duel, and once they are at "0", they're dead.
    The "Basic Hit" written on the card is the "power" of the card. If you attack with a Hero with a Basic Hit of "5" (Like Bond, shown previously), you'll have to remove 5 HP to the opponent's Hero.

    Of course, it's one Hero at a time.

    Henchmen Cards: They are here to help you. Even if they can't directly attack a Hero (except some cards), you can attack other Henchmen, or trigger their effects, to pick up cards, paralyse you opponent, discard equipment cards...
    To keep it simple, the only way to "kill" Henchmen, is to have a higher "Basic Hit" than their Resistence. (One hit = one kill).

    White Cards:

    - Equipment: Weapons to increase the Basic Hit of one of your Hero or Henchman, Bulletproof Jacket to increase their Resistence...

    - Objects: Can be used anytime during your turn, and as many as you want (and as you have in your hand).

    - Instant Action: Same as above.

    - Situation: Cards with effects that will last for 2 or 3 turns. Must be placed in the "Situation" area in your field. You can play one situation card on your field at a time.

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    Have to say I do not really collect the trading cards, but I have to say you have done yours to a very high standard! =D>
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    Do you share them?? :D
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    @RogueAgent: Thanks! :D

    @ggl007: Of course I'm sharing them! :) - I'll be updating this post until the deck (40 cards) will be completed.
  • ggl007ggl007 Spain, España
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    RetroBond wrote: »
    @RogueAgent: Thanks! :D

    @ggl007: Of course I'm sharing them! :) - I'll be updating this post until the deck (40 cards) will be completed.

    Thanks! =D>
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    Here's some new cards!





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    Love that Monastery card!
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