8 different Bond posters signed by Q ( Desmond Llweleyn ) on ebay- no reserve- bids start at 99p

It's with great sadness that I am putting the posters signed by the wonderful Desmond Llewelyn Q for sale on ebay. These posters were sent to Desmond Llewelyn at his home address on 14th October 1998. He kindly returned them to me signed at my old address a few days later I have the original poster tubes with the datestamps for when they were sent to Desmond and returned. The signatures are guaranteed 100% genuine and I am a genuine person. I am having a big clearout before selling my home and am hoping my posters will find a good home.

I could have listed them at £99 but started the auction at 99p with no reserve. Only one day left folks!


Thanks for looking!
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