MI6/SIS in the James Bond universe.

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The agency that James Bond is said to work for in the Bondian Universe is MI6. In the real world of espionage MI6 is only a nickname, and the agency is officially known as the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

The logo for MI6, seen in Brosnan's films and the early Craig films was:-

As seen on the floor of the Vauxhall building in TWINE
And on M's Computer in CR

Interestingly, in Skyfall, they seem to have become SIS officially, with a new fictional logo:-

Though they still refer to them selves as MI6...

Just an observation.


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    I think MI6 (Military Intelligence Section 6) was the name they used to go by, before they started going by SIS (Secret Intelligence Service). It would make sense then that the veterans of the department would still use the term "MI6" unofficially.

    History of SIS
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    It's officially been the SIS since the 1920s.
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    Those logos aren't ficitional.
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