007 James Bond Cap Guns "The Living Daylights" & "Golden Eye"

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I have two 007 cap guns for sale if anyone's interested?

One is a vintage piece from "The Living Daylights" and was made in West Germany (1986) by "Wicke".

Toy is in excellent condition.
Box has some minor wear around edges but nothing major.

Please note that the hammer doesn't pull back when the trigger is pulled. This may only work when caps are inserted but I can't be 100% sure.

The second cap gun is from "Goldeneye".

Toy is in very good condition (silencer not included).

Includes 2 packs of "Goldeneye" caps.
Not sure how many of the caps have been used though or if they still work.

£60 for the lot.

Can post and accept paypal.


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    Tell me would this be one of the toy guns that you were trying to sell on another thread back in August of last year ?.
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