Any DB5 kits (besides the Doyusha)?

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One of my (many) hobbies is scale modeling and I'd like to do a DB5. I've looked at the Doyusha kit (either the plain or "Goldfinger" edition) and the detail is horrible. I wouldn't mind so much if they didn't routinely go for $60-$100 on ebay.

Has anyone ever heard tell of another kit besides the Doyusha?


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    This is the thread that we have for model cars and shuch like so if you would be good enough to repost your question there me might close this as its not really worth a thread of its own Thankyou.
    Also as you are new to the site
    Please take time to have a good look around
    O and one more thing Welcome to MI6 enjoy your time here.
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    Sorry if I overstepped, but I thought that thread was for diecast (manufactured) cars (quite different from model kits), but please delete this if you deem it appropriate.
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