The James Bond Hall of Shame

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I want to nominate some films and scenes (and actors if you like) when the Bond films somehow managed to wallow in the pig manure. Maybe that's a strong thing to say but here goes
Bad Writing
Cheapest look and Feel
Most Sick/Cringeworthy
DAD, DAF, Halle Berry and Denise Richards' performances, Brosnan's necrophelia
DN, GF, TMWTGG (many will nominate LALD but I found Moore's second outting much more racist than his first)
Most Outrageous and OTT Plots
Bond's Worst Outfits
That powder blue terry cloth thing in GF
Most "Zero" Villain
Georgi Koskov, Hugo Drax,
Worst Interpretation of Felix Leiter
That mannequin in GF, That asshole in DAF, John Terry in TLD

thats all I can think of at this time, I welcome any of your categories and whether you agree or disagree with mine.


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